Sushank Singh is an expert independent musician on the rise in the Sushank Singh music label Hailing from Fatehgarh North India. Sushank has studied under numerous big-name musical influences in his community while attending college at the University of Kanpur including Krishna Rao his coach. Although none of his family members were involved in music, Sushank had an ear and active passion for music after only a year or two of experiencing life. Ever since he was a toddler, Sushank's Friends Abhishek and Anand committed herself to give him music supports all the learning opportunities he could afford. Over the years, Sushank Singh developed his skills with vocal practice, guitar lessons, piano lessons, and even violin lessons for a short period. He began writing and performing in own Music. After studying music he gives the rhythmic flavor in all of his music. Sushank Singh has received numerous awards and acknowledgments, including a Music Certificate and Award From his university. He Nomited by Spotify for Song Mitti Di Khushboo/Tum hi ho covered by Sushank Singh.

Sushank Singh

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